active ingredient.


Snail slime is an extraordinary substance that, through the years, has become a very important element in the cosmetic field. 

Traces of the use of such product as a skin treatment have been discovered in the ancient Greek culture. In particular, it is believed that even Ippocrate, the founder of modern medicine, used to apply snail slime to cure any kind of skin issues.

Snail slime is not artificially reproducible in a laboratory and, therefore, it is considered a completely natural remedy (devoid of parabens, colorants, mineral oils, paraffin or perfumes) against beauty issues like acne, wrinkles and cellulite. The use of snail slime it recommended to improve the look of scars and stretch marks because it penetrates the deepest epidermis layers and it helps the skin to renew all its original vital functions.

It is important to underline that no animals are harmed during the slime collection process, because it is carried out, according to the zero impact on the environment procedures, in a very natural way, simply following the trace that each snail leaves on the ground.


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